The Lunch Box Museum in Columbus, Georgia, offers plenty of memories of a potentially violent schoolyard back in the 1980s. Here is what it brought to mind for me:

Animal was the best.

Nobody seems to recall that Disney really didn't try that hard during Gen X's childhood. Here were some reminders:


Soyia is Ride or Die with this one. I call it a stinker.



Saw it in the theater as a kid and hated it then.   I am now realizing I might be a joyless person.

I had a "Star Wars" lunchbox as a kid. It was the elementary school equivalent of a new iPhone.

I must have seen this movie a million times. Another Harry Hamlin movie I saw was "Making Love." That one featured action I wasn't ready to see.

I don't remember "Cowboy in Africa" starring Chuck Conners and feel incredibly cheated to have missed out.

Disco lunchboxes seemed to promise an incredible lunchtime experience.

I watched "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" every day after school. I thought Erin Gray was so good-looking. Gil Gerard not so much.

You gotta love the Bee Gees. I couldn't find Barry Gibb, much to my chagrin.

The casual violence portrayed on this "Charlie's Angels" lunchbox borders on fetishistic, and I am all for it!

Donny. Osmond.


1980s Television!

"The Six Million Dollar Man"

"Mork and Mindy"

1980s Television!

My sister and I had to share the television, which meant I had to watch way too many episodes of this show. Which I hate.

"Little House on the Prairie"

Ahhh, Childhood

I used to LOVE going to the arcade. I thought this game was incredible, but it cost $0.50 to play. I AM NOT THE SULTAN OF BRUNEI, ARCADE OWNER!

Ahhh, Childhood, Part 2

PHOTON was an early version of Laser Tag. I loved to play. Now when I go to Laser Tag, all of the stupid children love to kill me. It lessens the experience.

Random Funny Stuff

"H.R. Pufnstuf" type of television was more 1970s, when I was just a little fella. This was the good stuff.


Here is a hot picture of a young Fred. You made it this far, YOU DESERVE IT!