Soyia asks me during a road trip if I want to stop and see something on the way. I have been with her long enough to know that when she asks that, something cool is about to happen.

I don't know what I was expecting to see, but it wasn't this.

I tried to keep track of the names of the different whirligigs, but of course I was too busy looking around going "Gee!" like a tourist. I also managed to get some video, so check it out!

I believe this one is called the V. Simpson.

So did I do a good job? No, I did not. This one was the Whirligig Directional, I believe.

Milkshake America?

I took the pictures...

I'm gonna use them, dammit.

So this one is called, um, could be one of these names: Carousel Bomber? Blue Wind? White Wind? Mini-Bomber? I'm not a smart person.

Confident that this is Windmill. 

You are looking at Gunshot Bicycle Man, Horse Driving Duck, and Satellite Tub. I think.

Yup, I'm terrible at taking video as well, but how cool is this thing?


BBB Blue Star? Seriously, if you are a Vollis Simpson whirligig expert or work at the park, I apologize for causing you pain.

Guy seemed to like dudes on bicycles.

It's pretty amazing how big these things are up close.  Supposedly Vollis Simpson had the strength of ten men, to hear the villagers tell it.

This is Guitar Player. From behind. Because I'm the worst.

The angle here is better.

Kind of a halfway decent picture.

It's like I said, I took the picture and I'm going to do something with it. NO EDITING EVER is the Fred Peters Promise.

Mule Train

Saw Dog

Waving Bomber?

Different Angles

The Sign Reads: Simpson X RDS

Some are more elaborate than others.

Inside the museum there is a display that demonstrates how the whirligigs look at night. You just have to take a picture of it with a flash.

Maybe this is White Wind?

Flying Duck?

Horse Driving Duck?

Flying Duck