Fred's Day at the Philly Magic Gardens (Landscape)

By now you know the drill, I'll show pictures and increase your understanding of the work through insightful titles.  Also, these are the pictures I took in Landscape which, unfortunately do not translate into this format as well.

3 Women Holding Man Man Wife Face

Marvelous Precipitate Noah Rock

Outer Wall Pink Foot and Face

Pregnant Mural Woman Running Dog

Face Menagerie Flying Devils

Busy Shelving Ceiling from Hell

Evil Little Figurines Plates for Pizza

Soyia's Feet Next to Boob Dog Faces on Floor

Flowers Between Paint Bottles and Dolls

Where's Waldo? Bull Playing Guitar

Existence Little People and Horse

Delicately Poised Casiah and Xavia

Clay Flower Girl Devil Cooking Dinner

Mexican Day of the Dead Woman Whare's Waldo Part Deux

Cross Face Naked Woman Floor

Two Eyes Two Mouths  Watts Towers Sign

Green Faces Sideways Naked Woman