My Day at the

Magic Gardens


Cow Death Hat

Fancy Floor

Frazzled Happy Man

Lovers Under Tree

Naked Tequila Woman

Perro Statue

Pictures of You

Pink Dragon

Playing Doctor

Sexy Posing Man

Try to Pee Now

Tree Nose

Dark Woman

The Drunk

Luchador and Son

Pregnant Mermaid

Silver Man Smiling

Naked Three Headed Painting Man Statue

Blue Three Headed Woman Under Screws?

Fish Head Floor

Hand in Cove

Hot Dog in a Glass

Ire Dominos?

Lizard Man Playing Guitar Above Chilling Baby

Men Stacked on Heads by a Face

Octopus Man

Ode to Forefathers

Porcelain Girl is Disappointed in You

Steps Going Up

Banana Boobs

Five Limbed Man

Pigeon Whisperer

Man Dancing


Naked Woman Babies and Cat

Three Toes

(I can hear you rolling your eyes.)

Hanging Skeleton

(It's like I named the first three Led Zeppelin albums.)

Concrete Lion or Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb?


Holy Woman

The Grape Eater

Sitting Dude

Three Skulls

(But what does it mean?!?)

Statues Feeling It

Woman Climbing Bottles

Baby Arm Shocked Woman

Couple Kissing

Death with Birds

(I know I'm not very good at this.)


Goddess Totem Pole Call Home

Jeremiah Film Maker

The Comp

Blue Eyes Face

Drinking Rabbit

Floor Squirrels

Flowery Bull

Latinx Mens

Naked Isaiah

(Posing as U2's Bono?)

Plates Bottles and Face

Upside Down Mermaid

Ancient Queen

Ancient Statue

Barry Gibb

Girl with Tongue

Oh L'Amour

Robust Face Floor

 Sailor Man

Upside Down Head Man Under

Thanks for Another Great Trip, Soyia!