Broxton’s Barney Barn

On an old barn in Broxton, Georgia, a bug-eyed Barney Fife keeps watch over cars streaming along a rural stretch of U.S. 441. Artist Dylan Ross painted the mural, which also features an inset of Andy and Opie Taylor taking a stroll to their favorite fishing hole. 

Why is there a tribute to Mayberry, North Carolina, in south Georgia? We don’t know. But we’re always up for a detour to see an unusual barn mural. (You have seen our “About Us” photo, right?)

If you want to check it out, it’s on U.S. Route 441, about 50 minutes east of Tifton and 55 minutes west of Waycross. [1]It’s a nice drive, but it’s seriously in the middle of nowhere. Is there anything is Southeast Georgia?

‘Nip It! Nip It in the Bud!’

If you want a barn photo without any dang shadows in it, don’t visit in the late afternoon.

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