Shell Gas Station

Winston-Salem North Carolina Shell Station Front

A Vintage Gas Station Worthy of Venus

Wouldn’t you have just loved to fill up here?

This 18-foot-tall shell-shaped Shell station was built in 1930 to generate buzz for Shell gas in Winston-Salem. (Shell Oil was still new to North Carolina at the time.)

There were once eight of these beauties—seven in Winston-Salem and one in nearby Kernersville—but this is the last one standing. It served as a lawnmower repair shop for a time after the gas station closed, then fell into disrepair. Preservation North Carolina stepped in to save it in the mid-1990s.

It looked great when we visited. If you ignored the modern cars passing by, you could almost believe you were back in the 1930s. But alas, there’s no gas these days.

Winston-Salem North Carolina Shell Station Side Shot

IF YOU GO: The Shell station is located at the corner of Sprague and Peachtree streets, about five minutes off Highway 52.

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