The Peachoid

Gaffney South Carolina Peachoid

Gaffney and the Giant Peach

If you’ve ever driven through South Carolina on I-85, you’ve no doubt seen the giant, peach-shaped water tower looming just off the highway in Gaffney.

“The Peachoid,” as it’s officially called, was built in 1981. It’s 135 feet tall and holds 1 million gallons of water.

The city of Gaffney chose the peach theme because it wanted to remind nearby Georgia that while it may call itself the Peach State, South Carolina grows more peaches each year. [1]Fun Fact: On every exit off the Interstate, you can buy peaches and firecrackers. In the same place. (For the record, California beats them both, but hey, it’s got a lot more space for orchards!)

Gaffney South Carolina Peachoid

Fun Fact: There are actual peach trees planted behind the water tower, and on the day we were there, a family was picking and eating fresh peaches.

It’s also worth noting that the Peachoid is right next door to a Fatz Café, so if you’re on a road trip, you could stop for both Southern-fried fare and a peach selfie before rolling on down the highway.

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