Barberville Yard Art Emporium

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Yard Looking for a giant metal T-Rex for your front yard? Barberville Yard Art Emporium has you covered. Not quite what you had in mind?   How about a bronze cow? An enormous ant? A snarling bear? Perhaps a Bob’s Big Boy? Maybe a VW beetle or an Eiffel Tower?  The… Continue reading Barberville Yard Art Emporium

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SamG Land

Come One, Come All to World Famous SamG Land Often in the last year, we’ve wandered through folk art environments marveling at the artists’ imaginations and wondering what they were thinking when they created this or that piece. When we visited the World Famous SamG Land this fall, we didn’t have to wonder—we could just… Continue reading SamG Land

Fitzgerald, Georgia

Boy, I Say Boy, That Is One Giant Chicken This just in: Y’all Went Where? has solved the riddle of why the chicken crossed the road. More about that in a minute. First we must tell you about Fitzgerald, Georgia, and its still-under-construction giant chicken topiary. It will be 62 feet tall—about 3 feet taller… Continue reading Fitzgerald, Georgia

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Philly: Best of the Rest

Five More Reasons to Visit Philadelphia We’ve already devoted full stories to a number of our favorite places in Philly: Eastern State Penitentiary, The Neon Museum of Philadelphia, Laurel Hill Cemetery, and Philly Magic Gardens. We’ve also shared some of our favorite Philly foods. But other spots deserve some love, too. How could we not… Continue reading Philly: Best of the Rest

Philadelphia Eats

Fred’s Favorite Philly Foods  As you may know, we are not foodies. But we do like food.  Fred was especially excited about Philly food. He had a long list of cheese steak stands and sandwich shops he wanted to visit (but no Pat’s or Geno’s, which he declared too touristy). [1]Shout-out to John’s Roast Pork,… Continue reading Philadelphia Eats

Eastern State Penitentiary

A Place Where Those Who Did the Crime Did Their Time Imagine for a moment you’re a pickpocket in 1830s Philadelphia. You tried to lift someone’s watch just as a constable looked your way, and now you find yourself being led through the imposing stone walls of your home for the next year: Eastern State… Continue reading Eastern State Penitentiary

Shell Gas Station

A Vintage Gas Station Worthy of Venus Wouldn’t you have just loved to fill up here? This 18-foot-tall shell-shaped Shell station was built in 1930 to generate buzz for Shell gas in Winston-Salem. (Shell Oil was still new to North Carolina at the time.) There were once eight of these beauties—seven in Winston-Salem and one… Continue reading Shell Gas Station

The Peachoid

Gaffney and the Giant Peach If you’ve ever driven through South Carolina on I-85, you’ve no doubt seen the giant, peach-shaped water tower looming just off the highway in Gaffney. “The Peachoid,” as it’s officially called, was built in 1981. It’s 135 feet tall and holds 1 million gallons of water. The city of Gaffney… Continue reading The Peachoid

Neon Museum of Philadelphia

Illuminating American History, Sign by Sign I’ll confess to feeling a little disappointed when we first walked into The Neon Museum of Philadelphia. [1]We see this HUGE building, and I foresee us wandering around for hours. The actual museum was difficult for us to find within the building because I am not descended from a… Continue reading Neon Museum of Philadelphia